CUSTOM PLYWOOD CREATIONS (CPC) is about so much more than just wooden boxes and shelving. 

Every one of our pieces is hand made with the utmost care, the materials are always of the highest quality and we build to last a lifetime.

CPC founder, Nicky Dean, began her journey with some small side projects for family and friends. What started as a simple toy box sparked a suggestion for custom vinyl record storage, it seemed we weren't the only ones thinking "why hasn't anyone else thought to do this?"

The overwhelmingly positive response when Nicky would deliver her finished product, is why she decided to make custom plywood creations more than just a hobby.  

CPC has since expanded and is now customising everything from record display boxes and home storage solutions, to entire plywood shop fit-outs and everything in between.

Why ply you might ask? We love the natural aesthetic and just how versatile it can be; what starts as a blank sheet can be built into almost anything imaginable.

We've worked hard to become masters of our craft and are proud of each item that we produce.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can customise something for you!